Random Thoughts

The N900 is available and although the hardware may be impressive the firmware seems to be more of beta release. This time I might resist the urge to buy Nokia’s latest and greatest.

Then there’s their new 3G netbook. It’s limited to 1GB of memory soldered onto the motherboard which means it’s not¬†expandable. You can get 2GB or even 3GB netbooks with 3G right now. Will 1GB be enough for Windows 7? Nokia didn’t convince me that 128MB is enough for the N97. OK I know nothing about marketing so someone please convince me that you enter a new market sector with an unimpressive product.

In the meantime we anxiously await the arrival of V20 of the N97 firmware.

I qualified for an upgrade so I decided to get an N86 but it’s not available from my service provider. So I settled for an N96. The idea was to get a device that had been available for a while. So it should have its hardware defects fixed. I later discovered a dead pixel. I was only able to upgrade it to V12 with the Vodafone branded firmware installed and therefore decided to change the product code to a generic Europe one and was able to upgrade it to V30.