DSTV Mobile Drifta

DTSV Mobile Drifta

It’s a DVB-H receiver smaller than a Nokia N8. It has a WiFi and a USB interface. Currently iDevices and PC’s running Windows are supported for viewing DSTV channels. The image resolution is 320×240 and you get access to nine channels although the technology supports fifteen.

DSTV on a netbook

I had some difficulty getting hold of one: nobody seemed to know what I was talking about (Update: I saw some in a Makro store today). In the end I ordered it online. You need to activate it before you can use it. A call to a call center and about ten minutes later I was able to use it. The iPad installation is simple enough. I downloaded the DSTV application from the app store, enabled WiFi on the iPad and started the DSTV app. The PC app takes a bit longer to install from the supplied CD. The iPad allows you to view the image full screen while the PC version is limited to a window. Just keep in mind that the resolution of the original image is still only 320×240 though.

You can also use other DVB-H receivers such as the Nokia N96.

I cannot help but wonder if the Drifta will catch on. There is bandwidth for six more channels left unused. The variety is limited: mainly sports channels. Apart from that: Where is the “good stuff”? Discovery, History, movie channels.

Drifta on the iPad