64 Gigs of Glory

I think I secretly want an iPhone but there’s something that prevents me from getting the Jobs’ Miracle Machine. Could be the cost but then again I have bought other hideously overpriced gadgets before. Could be the fact that I would have to cut my SIM card down to size making it impracticable to switch phones. Could be the fact that you need a computer to transfer your music and videos.

OK the point is I bought an iPod touch 64GB. I don’t really know why. Most cellphones these days function adequately as an iPod. Truth is Apple make very sexy products. They also make very sexy UI’s. It’s when I use the Nokia N8 again that it feels like going from a Sony PS3 to an old Atari game console. Ugh.

But why can’t I download an MP3 to my iPod and have it automatically added it to its music library? You have to download it to you computer and then transfer the Mp3 using iTunes. Did anyone mention the word “Jailbreak”?

Pity there’s no GPS and the camera sucks. But there’s WiFi and it runs iOS apps. I have just discovered voice control: “Play songs by Duran Duran” and I get “Come Undone”. Pretty neat.

I was able to watch a cricket match last night using Dstv Mobile.

DStv channel view

iPod touch camera

Camera Video/photo Resolution
Front facing Photo 640×480
Video 480×360
Rear camera Photo 960×720
Video 568×320