The End of an Epoc

Now that the dust has pretty much settled I’ll speakĀ  my mind. The fact is my opinion hasn’t changed: WTF! Nokia is swapping their tried and tested rock solid OS for an immature one. Yes Symbian is ugly so replace the UI. I don’t quite get this waffling about ecosystems. Is it about getting access to the US market? But what can Microsoft provide except an OS.
I can’t help but wonder what Nokia’s developers have been doing the last year or what. Drawing silly little cartoons and animations instead of tarting up their OS.
If you ask me the majority of mobile phone users don’t care about the OS. That’s why I think Nokia’s move will not really save them. Since these people are a lot more intelligent than I am there must be some other factor that I’m not aware of.
There is a *sniff* tear to be shed by Symbian geeks all over the globe. We’ll miss those hour long Google sessions and frustrations to get our C++ incantations to work.