28 August 2011

I’ve had ADSL at home since May and it went down on Friday. The nice thing about ADSL is that it’s uncapped. So now it’s back to messing with 3G dongles.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

A Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Replacement for your netbook? Probably not.

From PC to MAC in 10 very complicated steps

Although my “conversion” has been easier than I thought it would be, I’m still not satisfied. The simplest solution is to install a VM such as Parallels which will then allow you to run Windows and this is what I’ve done. The problem is many apps simply don’t have Mac equivalents. This has left me wondering why I didn’t simply get a Windows laptop.

There is one reason why do need a Mac: iOS software development. I have seen no workable workaround for this issue. To be able to sell via the App Store you also need to register which will cost you $99 a year. I had to fill in a form and fax it. Yes that’s right fax it. After a few days I was finally registered. So now I’m ready to write the next killer iPhone app. I just need to get an idea for an app, get an iPhone, learn Objective C and Cocoa and Xcode.