11 September 2011

Hey dude, where’s my ADSL?

I’m a netaddict and I need connectivity. It all went well for a few months and then no ADSL. It was back to messing with 3G. ADSL was back again on a Tuesday. Then down again on the Friday. On Tuesday I get a call.

Telkom guy: “Do you get a dial tone?”

Me: “Yes. I can still make voice calls”

Telkom guy: “I know what’s wrong…”

To myself: Then why did you wait until now? You could have fixed the problem when it was reported.

Telkom guy: “…Is your modem turned on?” “Yes.” “OK. I can see when you’re up again.”

So my connection was restored again a few minutes later.

This episode did allow me to play around with 3G again. I found that CellC, that had ironically been the worse, was now a lot better than Vodacom.

Huawei B970B

It is 3G modem with WiFi 802.11b/g but no “n” and LAN connectivity but sadly no ADSL. It’s also got a phone jack which is not an ADSL port but allows you to plug a phone into the modem and make cellular phone calls using the SIM card. On the plus side for us South Africans: it also supports HSPA at 900MHz which means it can use CellC(including Virgin Mobile), MTN and Vodacom SIM cards. You can access its features using a web interface so no drivers or OS specific software is required. I currently use it at the office where we have no ADSL. On the downside: there is, as far as I can tell, no way to access SMS/MMS messages on the SIM card or send USSD strings.

Drifta on Android.

The DStv Mobile Drifta now supports Android. Or at least the Sumsung Galaxy S, SII and Galaxy Tab. Luckily I own the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab. I was able to install the Drifta software on the Galaxy S and the Tab but unfortunately the Tab is rooted so the Drifta software won’t run. It displays a message that it won’t run on rooted devices and then quits. I assume it’s a DRM issue. It does however run on my Galaxy S. On startup it insists on messing around on the Internet for a while before it goes to the channel menu. Overall though it seems to work at least as well as the iOS version.

So you want to watch Big Brother. He also wants to watch you.
Channel menu
Cry for me Argintina

Installing iOS 5 beta.

Your mileage may vary. This is what I found:

  • Get the latest beta of iTunes 10.5.
  • Get the latest XCode with iOS SDK
  • Get the latest, or maybe a minor version behind, version of iOS 5 beta
  • Read up on DFU mode.
  • You’re a member of the Apple Developer program, aren’t you?

I decided not to go for the latest beta of iOS so I could see OTA updates in action. I struggled getting the beta on my iPod and at some point my iPod appeared “unflashable” and DFU mode saved the day. Also remember that you can  shift+click in Windows or alt-click on the Mac on the restore button in iTunes. This will allow you to select the firmware image you want to flash. If recovery mode on your iDevice is unresponsive then try DFU mode.