12 October 2011

Telkom’s ARS

23 September 2011 02:58:26: My ADSL session ends. I didn’t know it at the time: cable theft. This is quite common in South Africa.

24 September 2011: I complained to MWeb my ISP although it was, strictly speaking, not their problem. Telkom is is responsible for POTS equipment. Dealing with them is a frustrating. There is a fault logging system but is rarely, if ever, updated.

The idea behind calling MWeb is that they might have some way, unknown to me, to get Telkom to act a little faster. I logged a fault with Telkom anyway. Needless to say it is still open with only one entry:

Logged with Telkom Sun Sep 25 08:31:05 SAST 2011

I also logged the fault using their ARS or action response system. You get a number back but there is no simple way to track it. They still have to respond to my request for feedback. At some point I did they unthinkable: I called Telkom’s fault reporting number and asked what the problem was. Stolen phone cables. Naturally they couldn’t tell me how long it would take to repair the phone lines. They also couldn’t give me any contact details of someone who was in a better position to give feedback.

12 Oct 2011 10:20:10: My ADSL modem connects again. Thanks Telkom. Can I make a suggestion? Some feedback in future? Please.