Date and Time Stamp from Camcorder on Final Video

Although the AVI file captured from my Panasonic NV-GS35 contains the timecode I had considerable difficulty getting it onto a video file. There are various ways of displaying the time stamp as a subtitle but I want the time stamp permanently displayed on the video. In the end I came up with the following procedure:

  • Capture the video from the camcorder. I use Windows Movie Maker. You end up with a huge DV AVI file.
  • Extract the time stamp information from the DV file. I used dvdatecode. You can find more info on it here. It creates various text files. I use the .txt file. It contains the date, time and frame number on each line.
  • Extract the audio file and the frames that make up the DV file. You can use ffmpeg for this. I had to use the deinterlace flag.
  • This step requires some programming skill. I use Imagemagick to place the time stamp on the individual frames.
  • Use ffmpeg to create the video from the resulting frames and the audio file that was extracted from the DV file.