8 April 2012

Seagate GoFlex Satellite

I wanted a hard drive that I could place wherever I wanted and stuff it full of backups of important files. The GoFlex seemed like the perfect choice. However when I got home I was disappointed to find that options for placing files onto it were limited once you unplugged the USB cable. The idea was to place you files onto the device using your computer and then stream these files to your device. The problem was that I wanted to be able to place files wirelessly onto the GoFlex using a smartphone or a computer.

After some digging I discovered “Hack Seagate Satellite“. They have a customized a version of Linux that allows you to access the GoFlex via Samba, WebDAV or miniDLNA. You pay $35 and receive access to a private forum where you can download their firmware. Installation and setup are easy: no need to mess with installation files and shell scripts. Only issue I have had so far is that the GoFlex will not reconnect to the router if that router has to be restarted.

More juice for the Samsung Galaxy SII

The standard battery in the SII is a 1650mAh unit. I bought a 2000mAh battery which comes with its own cover. Gone isĀ  the sexy curve to the phone. I was worried that the phone would no longer with in the car dock or desktop cradle. Initially I had some difficulty with the car dock. The phone fitted into the dock but the USB port wouldn’t slot into the device. After some experimentation I found a way without using force to get the USB port to slot into place. It also slips into the desktop charger with no difficulty. I would suggest being gentle though.

Now if that extra 350mAh (22%) is worth it is up to you.