Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE: Random Restarts. Part 2

Part 1.

15 June 2013: “PHONE WAS TESTED, AND IT DOESNT RESTART, ITS FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. N.F.F” No amount of sarcasm or pure anger can express my frustration.

17 June 2013: Initially I thought that they had actually fixed the phone.

  • 10:14 Phone restarts in its holster.
  • 11:20 Phone restarts again in its holster.

18 June 2013:

“Dear Ernst van Zyl

The device was tested for an extended period by the Samsung Senior Technician and the fault could not be replicated. As no fault was found the technician could not proceed with any repair process.

When you tested the unit after collection, was the memory card inserted?

Name omitted”

So I reply:

“No it wasn’t. I’ve basically tried every permutation I can think of. I even
tried a new battery.
It does this even after a factory reset i.e. no installed apps, without SIM
and without memory card. I was even crazy enough to do a SIM swap. It did a
random restart two days after I got it back from you. It was in its belt
holster and then It did another restart an hour later.
So as far as I can tell:

– It’s not the battery. I got a new battery from a Vodacom store.
Problem persists.
– It’s not the SIM card. I did a SIM swap. Problem persists even with
the SIM removed.
– It’s not the memory card. Restarts occur even without a memory card.
– It’s not software related. After a factory reset no apps installed not
even GMail. Problem persists.

I cannot predict when it will happen. A restart is usually followed by
another within a few minutes. I have noticed that sometimes the “time on
battery” under Settings->Battery sometimes resets to zero when
this restart occurs. It hasn’t happened while I was using it.”

19 June:

I’m trying a new strategy: Every morning when I get up I’ll turn the phone off, take out the battery and put it back. Now I got this message from Vodacare:

“Dear Ernst van Zyl

I have liaised with the Samsung Senior Technician regarding your feedback below. He has requested that the unit be re-booked and sent for his attention. He will liaise with the Product Specialist on the assessment in order to resolve this issue.



Name omitted”

I’m not sure I want to go through this process again.

21 June 2013: The phone restarts again this morning. I’m tired of this crap. I rebook the phone.

Part 3