KNOX goes amok.

I’ve been getting the following notification on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE:


Tapping on this notification:

Error Dialog

Tapping OK simply takes you to the Application Manager. There seems to be no way to determine which app triggered this message.

The quickest way to trigger the error is to turn WiFi on.

I don’t seem the only person experiencing this issue. There seems to be no solution short of rooting your phone and removing all traces of KNOX. Apparently some lucky owners have already received an update that resolve this issue. For the moment I checked “Do not show for 30 days”.

10 November 2013



I’ve seen people complaining of their out of box devices also displaying this issue.
I have feeling that some of the unexpected crashes I have been getting such as the phone app crashing at the end of a call may be the result of KNOX trying to close harmless apps doing normal everyday things.