ADSL down again

On February 28 2014 around 14:25 my phone line and therefor ADSL connection went down again. This happened in broad daylight so I assume it wasn’t cable theft. There are also a lot of road works going in our area so maybe our phone lines were severed that way. Anyway that left me once again without Internet access.

So i decided to explore the wireless option once again. Ironically I went with Telkom LTE. At first it seemed that their LTE connection was no better than their ADSL line. In all fairness the consultant warned me that I would get no LTE signal although their coverage map did show that my house lay on the border of LTE coverage. I moved the modem to the study and even had the two antennas pointing in different directions. This seems to have improved my throughput, especially upload speed.

The modem/router offered by Telkom is the Huawei 593s-601 which seems to handle the LTE side of things well. I have major headaches with ssh though. My ssh sessions hang for no apparent reason. Or simply do not get initiated at all with an “operation timed out” error. I haven’t had these issues with ADSL.

By the way this means Telkom LTE allows incoming connections. Exactly how diserable that is if you pay for outgoing and incoming data I’m not sure.

I’ve ordered an antenna and I’ll report on how well it works.