LTE issues after sim swap

I decided to change to a nano sim as it can be used in any device with the correct adapter. So I did a sim swap and didn’t notice any immediate issues. I did notice some irritating data issues while playing Ingress. I would get frequent “No data connection” errors or some actions would take a long time. I then noticed that my phone wasn’t switching to LTE anymore. I have a contract with several data sims linked to it and my tablet with a data sim had no issues switching to LTE. So I tried a prepaid nano sim in my Galaxy Note 3. It had no trouble switching to LTE. I put the nano sim in an Alcatel L100V modem which showed me that Vodacom LTE was available but when I tried to select it I was told that it was unsuccessful. I contacted Vodacom data support on 155. I was guided through a fruitless attempt to resolve the issue. The guy then said something nonsensical about the frequencies on my sim card and advised my to go to Vodacom store. Undaunted I tweeted about by issue

and was phoned by another support person who started going through the same “the settings on your phone are probably screwed” routine. Luckily I was able to convince him that this was a more complicated issue, probably due to some settings mismatch somewhere in a database. It seemed to me that the network was rejecting requests by my phone to connect to LTE. He promised to phone me back. My LTE service was disabled and then enabled again. I noticed the data icon on my phone and tablet disappear. “Oh no! They have disabled my service!”, I thought. I got a tweet that stated I needed to restart my phone,

which I did. Initially only HSDPA but the data connection changed to 4G a minute later. It seems my issue has been resolved.