Journal of a Nokia Lumia 1520 User

I bought a Nokia Lumia 1520 to explore Windows Phone.

27 December 2014

I dropped my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and cracked the screen. Bummer. I play Ingress. There is no Windows Phone version of the game so I still need the Note 3 to play the game.

28 December 2014

  • There’s an irritating bug: You swipe the screen and the phone treats it as a tap. It happens randomly and there seems to be no solution.
  • Teamviewer client is available.
  • Successful pairing with Bluetooth car kit.
  • No official Dropbox clientUpdate: Now available.

29 December 2014

3G video calling is not supported. This sucks. The Nokia 6680 is my first phone that supported this feature. Now my latest Nokia doesn’t while the Samsung Galaxy phones that we have in our family do support it.

3 January 2015

Using the stock software on the phone I could find no way to add a description to the pictures I took. There are several apps that will allow you view/edit the EXIF data of images. The problem is they only pick up the 5 MP version of the pictures. The trick is to copy the 16 MP version of the image to another directory.

7 January 2015

  • Bluetooth keyboards are not supported.
  • USB on the go not supported. Ironically my very first phone that supports this feature, the Nokia N9, is a Nokia. Go figure.

12 January 2015

  • Google calender sync bug: Multi day events entered using Google Calender web interface day are shifted by two hours. This is probably a timezone issue.
  • My calender doesn’t show events after 8 June. An event I added to 30 June shows up on Google Calender but disappears seconds after being added to the phone. This is a known issue.
    Update: Google Calender events up to six months in the future are synced. This was probably hard coded into the calendar app. Shame on you Microsoft.
    Update: From this:

    Synchronising Google and iCloud accounts

    To see the calendar for a Google or iCloud account on your phone, just set up the account. The calendars will automatically show up along with your contacts and emails, and your phone will sync the following events (these settings can’t be changed):

    • Two weeks of past single-instance (non-recurring) events.
    • Six months of future single-instance events.
    • All recurring events that have occurrences within the last two weeks or in the next six months.

14 January 2015

  • I can find no calendar app that can work around the “six month” bug mentioned above.
  • The Lumia supports wireless charging out of the box. I’m having some issues with the Avantree Mobile Wireless Charger. The charger charges the phone to 100% and then stops but doesn’t resume charging if the battery charge level drops.
  • I can find only one way to make an offline backup of my SMS’s. Use “Transfer my Data”, tap on ellipsis, “export to sd card”. Now I only have to figure out how data is stored in those files.

16 January 2015

Using a combination of a python script, see below,  and VMG Converter I was able to import by SMS’s into an Android device.

tel = ""
lines = []
counter = 1

def create_file():
  global lines
  global counter
  file_name = "vmg\\sms%05d.vmg" % counter
  counter += 1
  with open(file_name,"wt") as f:
    for l in lines:
      f.write("%s\n" % l)
  lines = []

def decode(s):
  cde = ""
  idx = 0
  while idx < len(s):
    ch = s[idx]
    if(ch == "="):
      hex = s[idx + 1] + s[idx + 2]
      cde += chr(int(hex,16))
      idx = idx + 3
      cde = cde + ch
      idx = idx + 1
  return cde    

def process(line):
  global lines
  idx = line.find(":")
  token = line[:idx]
  data = line[idx + 1:]

  if(token[0:7] == "Subject"):
    data = decode(data)

  if(line == "VERSION: 1.1"):

  if(line == "BEGIN:VCARD"):

  if(line == "BEGIN:VBODY"):

  if(line == "END:VBODY"):

  fVerbatim = False
  if(line == "BEGIN:VMSG"):
    fVerbatim = True
  if(line == "END:VCARD"):
    fVerbatim = True
  if(token == "TEL"):
    fVerbatim = True

  if(line == "END:VMSG"):

  if(line == "X-BOX:SENDBOX"):

  if(token == "X-BOX"):
    lines.append("X-IRMC-BOX:" + data)
  elif(token == "X-READ"):
    lines.append("X-IRMC-STATUS:" + data)
  elif(token == "Date"):
    a_date = data[8:10] + "." + data[5:7] + "." + data[0:4]
    a_time = data[11:13] + ":" + data[14:16] + ":" + data[17:19]
    lines.append("Date:" + a_date + " " + a_time) 

lf = chr(10)
longline = ""
with open("sms.vmsg") as f:
  for line in f:
    lastchar = line[-1]
    if(lastchar == lf):
      line = line[0:-1]
    lastchar = line[-1]
    if(lastchar != "="):
      longline = longline + line
      longline = ""
      longline = longline + line[0:-1]

 19 January 2015

  • My main SIM goes back into the Lumia while trying to find out why my loan unit Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is so power hungry.

20 January 2015

  • 12:54: Installing a phone update. What could it be?
  • 13:00: Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.14219.341)

22 January 2015

Dropbox client finally available.

23 January 2015

    • That was the Denim update. I’m disappointed. None of the issues I’ve mentioned have been addressed.
      The “tap registered when swiping” bug, in particular, hasn’t been fixed.
      Bluetooth keyboard still doesn’t work.
    • Cannot get Cortana to work with my regional settings (South African English).

6 July 2015

Played around with the Windows 10 preview for a while. And then restored WP 8.1. Couldn’t really see the point of playing with the preview version. Darn that silly tap/swipe bug it’s driving me mad.

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