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Minecraft Villagers

This game has probably consumed more of my free time than any other I’ve played. Even if I get bored and leave it alone for a while I return and the madness starts afresh.

My latest frustration concerns villagers. So I discovered a village with the help of this tool. It was quite a trek to get there so I used the nether as a shortcut. My village was however soon deserted. I can only assume all the villagers had been killed by zombies.

I discovered that is was possible to cure zombie villagers. They will then turn into ordinary villagers. This sounds straightforward but can be quite hard in practice.

  • Only a small percentage of zombies are villager zombies.
  • You have to trap the villager zombie so that it cannot escape during the curing process. A villager zombie can still attack you during the curing process.
  • You will have to build a safe shelter for you new villagers. You have to make sure all your villagers are confined at all times since they can easily escape. It can be quite difficult, if not impossible, to get them back.
  • An iron golem can help protect them.
  • There seems to be a bug in the game which sometimes allows zombies to go through walls. This is extremely frustrating. I once found a room full of zombies, with a closed door, no holes in the wall after they had killed all the villagers in the room. Arggg!!! It may help to make walls and roofs two blocks thick.
  • Villagers attract zombies. Zombies¬†will follow villagers¬†as if they can see them through walls or a roof. They will often walk past you, seemingly not notice you, and get as close to the villagers as they can. This can make it easier to trap them.
Zombie embedded in the floor
Zombie embedded in the floor
Notice the trapped zombies one on the left and one on the right. The zombie in front of my doesn't even notice me.
Notice the trapped zombies one on the left and one on the right. The zombie in front of me doesn’t even notice me.